The two SMUSD cell towers were built without any building permits, inspections or tests.

The two SMUSD cell towers were built without any building permits, inspections or tests.
Cell tower fires cannot be fought with water or foam and are left to burn out on its own. Century windstorms have exceeded the wind ratings of the cell towers and the seismic rating of the cell towers are unknown. In 2000 Los Angeles Unified School District banned cell towers on and near school campuses.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Send an email to Assemblyman Ed Chau stating that residents and parents of San Marino OPPOSE ASSEMBLY BILL 57.
Assemblyman Chau supported AB 57 which is a Wireless Industry Bill that would surrender even more of our City’s authority over the siting of wireless sites in our city.
Last June the City of San Marino voted on a Resolution to OPPOSE AB 57. Our City understands the negative consequences of this Wireless Industry bill.
AB 57 is a wireless bill that would greatly diminish municipal authority. It would create a shot clock where if a decision is not made by the city by the FCC time frames then the application would automatically be deemed approved. It would essentially remove all public participation because of strict time constraints so that analysis of aesthetics, structural safety, and historic structures would not be considered.
Please email ASAP to Assemblyman Chau’s office.
Also explain to Chau’s reps of our negative experiences with trying to get the two SMUSD cell towers code compliant.
One sentence is all that is needed but you can use this as an opportunity to express your frustration with the problems of the two SMUSD cell towers. Please feel free to copy and sign your name on the sample letter below or modify it any way you wish.
There are two illegal cell towers on SMUSD property that were built without any permits or inspections. Both DSA Certification as well as a CUP were required for both cell towers. It has taken over 2 years and six figures to attempt to get the two cell towers either code compliant or relocated and we are still waiting for the cell towers owners’ compliance. Because of Federal and State wireless laws the City of San Marino and SMUSD are powerless in enforcing code compliance on the two ILLEGAL and STRUCTURALLY UNSAFE SMUSD cell towers. AB 57 would further tie the hands of the City of San Marino to regulate wireless infrastructure within our city.
The San Marino Tribune and the Outlook have published numerous stories over the last two years about the structural and seismic safety problems surrounding the two SMUSD cell towers.
Wireless commercial infrastructure has no place in California schools where Federal and State wireless laws obstruct code compliance and the safety of our schools.
Your Name
Please email ASAP to Assemblyman Chau’s office.
Here are the contacts at his office to send your email:
"Cuevas, Edmundo" <>
"Ma, Daisy" <>
Please also CC Daniel Sanchez who is Senator Carol Liu’s Representative for San Marino:
“Daniel Sanchez” <>


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