The two SMUSD cell towers were built without any building permits, inspections or tests.

The two SMUSD cell towers were built without any building permits, inspections or tests.
Cell tower fires cannot be fought with water or foam and are left to burn out on its own. Century windstorms have exceeded the wind ratings of the cell towers and the seismic rating of the cell towers are unknown. In 2000 Los Angeles Unified School District banned cell towers on and near school campuses.

Friday, September 14, 2012

1,500 cellphone base stations to be removedSource: The China Post, November 6, 2007
Taipei, Taiwan

"The target of dismantling 1,500 mobile phone base stations (MPBS) this year will be easily achieved by the end of the year, National Communications Commission (NCC) Chairman Su Yeong-chin said yesterday."

"Su made the remarks in response to questions from opposition Kuomintang Legislator Lai Shyh-bao, who wanted the NCC to ensure that all base stations in the country be established atop buildings of publicly run organizations instead of private buildings, buildings near schools or in residential areas."

"The NCC had been urged by lawmakers to “strongly intervene” in efforts to cut the number of base stations by at least half, since the coverage rate of existing MPBSs is more than five times the amount that Taiwan actually needs."
"Residential neighborhoods and schools must not be exposed to the risk of radiation emitted by the MPBSs that could cause cancer, miscarriages and diseases of the nervous system, and could even drive people to suicide, the legislators said, arguing that existing base stations must be moved out of such areas, as studies show that radiation levels at such facilities in Taipei in the north and in Tainan in the south surpass reasonable levels."
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