The two SMUSD cell towers were built without any building permits, inspections or tests.

The two SMUSD cell towers were built without any building permits, inspections or tests.
Cell tower fires cannot be fought with water or foam and are left to burn out on its own. Century windstorms have exceeded the wind ratings of the cell towers and the seismic rating of the cell towers are unknown. In 2000 Los Angeles Unified School District banned cell towers on and near school campuses.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Radio Frequencies emitted from mobile phone towers will have deleterious medical effects to people within the near vicinity according to a large body of scientific literature. Babies and children will be particularly sensitive to the mutagenic and carcenogenic effects of the radio frequency radiation. It is therefore criminal to place one of these aerials on or near a school. 
- Helen Caldicott, MD, Pediatrician and co-founder of Physicians For Social Responsibility
  • Connecticut PTA adopts resolution to support legislation requiring that Cell Towers be kept 1,500 feet from schools, and that, to the extent that they are already within 1,500 feet, they be removed at the cost of their owner - Connecticut PTA Resolution
  • Los Angeles Councilwoman Janice Hahn moves to prevent placement of Cell Antennas near schools - 
    November 18, 2009 - Press Release
  • Brattleboro Vermont residents say No Cell Tower on School Grounds - January 12, 2011
  • No Cell Towers Near Schools - Facebook Link
  • No Towers at Schools -
  • New Zealand: Green Party Calls for Banning All Cell Towers Near Schools - News Story
  • The President of The Irish National Teachers Organization Calls for a Ban on Cell Towers Near Schools - "Individuals have a choice whether to use a mobile phone or not. With a phone mast near a school, children have no choice" - Cellular News
  • The Association of Teachers and Lecturers which represents more than 160,000 staff members of schools across the UK has called for the removal of Wi-Fi from schools citing potential health concerns for the children - April 8, 2009
  • Belgium Court Bans Cell Tower near Elementary School Citing Health Concerns - September 6, 2009 - News Story
  • School Cell Tower Denied - Proposed construction of a Cell Tower at Florida Middle School Defeated - Tampa, FL -Watch Video 
  • Cell Tower a No Go - Residents Say No Cell Tower at Middle School - Tampa, FL
  • School Board: No interest in Cell Tower Proposed For Elementary School - Wykoff, NJ - News Story
  • After parents sucessfully defeated Cell Tower on School Grounds, company obtained permission to build it adjacent to School, and without notice. Parents had no opportunity to stop it
  • India Moves to Ban Cell Towers Near Schools - Story Link
  • Telecom Towers Tsunami - There are medical and political ramifications to Cell Tower siting in our country - B. Blake Levitt, former NY Times Science Writer - Article Link
  • Parents Fighting Cell Tower Over School - "Keep it away from our kids", they say - Oceanside, CA - News Story
  • Proposed Playground Cell Tower Nixed by Effective Public Education Campaign in North Idaho - Lake City, ID -News Story
  • Elementary School to Close, Citing Planned Construction of Cell Towers on Roof of Building - Santa Cruz, CA - 
    News Story
  • After hearing from students, School Board bans Cell Towers from Schools in District - Surrey, Canada - 
    YouTube Video

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